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Medical Distributor - Distribution Consultancy Services for Medical Devices and IVD Companies

Our medical distribution consultancy services focus on companies poised to sell their products in the European market.
Your intention is either to expand your existing European distributor network of medical distributors or to enter a new European market for the first time.
Or — you are looking for somebody in Europe who can manage your already established distributors.  
Our team of experienced professionals offers a total package:

  • Defining the best sales strategy and determining your individually matched distribution channels
  • Finding distributors in every European country through our research expertise, our experienced contacts and our network partners
  • Assisting you during the negotiation process until finalization of a contract
  • Managing your already established distributors on your behalf
  • Developing a Sales Organization

European Medical Distribution Consultancy and Related Services

The European medical devices market is the second largest in the world, preceded by the U.S. and followed by Japan.
The total European medical devices markets are estimated at 58 Bill. EUR.
The leading EU markets are Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. Combined these five countries account for more than 60% of the total European population, more than 70% of the total European GDP, and almost 80% of the European medical devices market.

The European Union compromises 27 nations, requiring different approaches and strategies. Klaas Consulting is specialized in European Marketing and Sales and its unique position is in knowing the different culture-related marketing strategies to address the European markets and to find and contact its key role playing business partners.

Distribution Consultancy Services

Our distribution consultancy services focus on companies poised to sell their products in the European market.

Reimbursement Consultancy
If qualifying for reimbursement is critical to your success, we can help you determine the path to reimbursement approval in the European markets.

Market and Marketing Researches
To know the obstacles means to know your strategy - knowing the market barriers is the key to succeeding in market entry and development.

Marketing Consulting
A carefully directed sales and marketing plan is critical to your business success. Our support orientates this in each phase.

CE Consulting, European Authorized Representative Services and others
These services will be mainly executed through our partners and associates located in the country being considered.

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